New Kitchens, Bathrooms or the home in its entirety we can create a fresh modern look and feel. Giving you the refresh to help prevent the potential move or stress associated with moving. 

What are some of the Positive Attitbutes to a Refurbishment?

Fresh and Clean, Modernised, Energy Efficiency, Fully Compliant Home/Work/Public Property and a Reduction in maintenance costs.

Thinking about putting your property on the Market?

When you have made the decision to put your property on the Market the last thing you want to be thinking about is spending more money on changing or freshening the place up, right? Well, you may well be surprised. 

Bathroom Refurbishment by Muddy Wood Projects

top 3 common responses

After speaking to many property sellers, the top 3 common responses we received were:


Your property lacks kerb appeal

So this means that from the outside - before the potential buyer has even opened the front door - your home looks tired. This could open a black hole in the minds of potential buyers of how much do I need to spend to even get this place liveable, it may even prevent a looker from turning up or calling when they see your 'For Sale' sign.


Your property looks tired

So the potential buyer has entered the premises but is struggling to see past the current layout and can not envision this being their home.


Your property feels cluttered

You may be moving because you have outgrown the property. With everything in the buyers way they may feel like the property is smaller than what it actually is and therefore may not be interested in placing an offer.

home refurbishment by Muddy Wood Projects
Home Refurbishment by Muddy Wood

what should you do?

Give us a call – lets discuss an affordable option. Maybe throwing items out is not an option but changing the colour of the walls could make a room look larger or fitting a smaller bathroom suite may make the main bathroom look bigger or the other way around.

Let’s give your old space one last chance!